A healthy lifestyle

Just eating healthy food, sleep in time and everyday workout doesn’t mean that we’re living a healthy lifestyle. According to me the ideal meaning of a healthy lifestyle is living in a very good and healthy mental state of mind. When we are mentally strong, balanced and secured we can balance and control our emotions, […]


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Hi Everyone πŸ‘‹

Yes finally I’m back. 😊 It’s been a long time I was totally detached from wordpress. But I hope this time nobody can apart me from my writing and even my work though, will stay in touch with you all my dear blogger friends. I really missed all of your writings so much. Looking forward […]

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“HO’OPONOPONO”—- The secret technique of healing and forgiveness…

Meaning : The Hawaiian word “Ho’oponopono” comes from ho’o (“to make”) and pono (“right”). And the repetition of the word pono means (“doubly right”) or bring right with both self and others…..! Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian spiritual practice that was developed through the years as a family healing practice. This practice helps individuals and families […]

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Moving towards into a new direction

πŸ’“#wonder # worldπŸ’“ Time never stop, it’s keep going going & going So I always try to keep moving moving and moving moving towards an unknown direction Where I can find my destination..! Don’t know what’s right or wrong ? But I’m becoming everyday so strong! Don’t want to show the world the fake me! […]

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Go with the flow “let it go”

There is nothing to worry, what’s happening let it happen. Things are happening in life for a strong reason. Believe that….! So go with the flow, because sometimes we can’t control everything…..! And doing tensions and worries about things is not the actual solution of any problem. This can be the reason of depression, and […]

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Happy women’s day

A women is an amazing mother A very lovely sister A very loving and caring wife A very sweet daughter And a beautiful gift to this world…! wishing you all women a very lovely and happy women’s day….!πŸ’•πŸ‘©πŸŒΉ

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Life is so beautiful

Life is so beautiful πŸ’• it’s so precious gift to us from heaven, from God. But this journey of life is filled with so many ups and downs. Sometimes it seems so hard, and sometimes this journey becomes easier. We learn so many things in this journey, cause life always teach us so many lessons […]

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A little wish

#wish There were so many wishes Inside of my heart, when I was a child.! It was to having so many friends with whom I could share my precious moments with whom I could hang out for the whole day with whom I could fly like the butterfly in the nature. And there were so […]

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“A life is full of love”

“Love is in the air Love is everywhere Love can come in any form Only a true heart can feel the love song”….!🎢 Hi everyone, myself Sudeshna. I’ve some interest in writing poems. I love to share my imaginations through words… I love to interact with new peoples…..! And I hope you guys will enjoy […]

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